Temperature: -40°F – 250°F Diameter: 2″ – 48″ Length: 25′ Applications: • Air • Chemical Fumes • Chips/ Debris / Granules • Dust • Exhaust + Ventilation • Moisture / Hydraulic • Temperature Extremes • Vacuum + Suction

Eaton Chemical Hoses

Chemical Don’t leave room for error when selecting hoses for critical applications. Eaton industrial hose products not only feature the extreme chemical resistance to easily transfer contaminated or hazardous materials, but are also branded and color-coded to make it easy to select the right hose for the job. Common applications include: Transfer of acids, chemicals, […]

PowerMaster II Pump

Lincoln’s PowerMaster II is built strong to give you years of dependable trouble-free operation. System description: Lincoln’s PowerMaster II is built strong to give you years of dependable trouble-free operation. Its sturdy construction, with the plunger and brushing of hardened steel, offers greater wear resistance. The PowerMaster II surpasses just dependability with a simplified modular […]

Graco Gutton 4:1 Pump

The Glutton’s bellows seal design pump is ideal for air assisted and airless spray applications. The unique divorced duplex plunger style pumps are designed to handle more shear and heat sensitive materials. Pump ratios include 4:1, 12:1 and 25:1. Bellows seal design provides low maintenance with no seals exposed to the atmosphere and eliminates conventional […]

Binks Millennium 3000 Half Face Respirator

Meets 42 CFR Part 84 Standards. Binks Millenium 3000 – Premium Paint Spray Respirators. A charcoal filter respirator with a Silicone face piece, Adjustable straps, and Fully serviceable with the Binks tune-up kit – (40-1928) Binks Millenium respirators are not to be used with urethane paints or any other paints containing di-isocyanates. Painters using urethanes […]

Binks 2 Gallon Pressure Feed Spray System

Pressure feed 2 gallon tank outfit with spray gun and hoses. Requires 10-14 CFM at 20-27 PSI, includes 1.1mm & 1.4mm tips Name: SV100 2 Gallon Pressure Feed outfit Part Number: 98-3163 Gun: SV100 HVLP Pressure Feed Pump: no pump Tank: 83C-220 Two-gallon, zinc plated tank with dual regulators.  Market: Painter-Decorator-Contractor  

Pro Xp85 AA Electrostatic Spray Guns

Our improved tip line delivers a high quality finish for a variety of applications. Plus, the pre-orifice tips atomize paints for fine finish applications. Pro Xp85 Air-Assist gun line includes Standard and Smart models. High quality spray performance with a one-piece aircap and a variety of tips Electrostatic guns are easier to adjust with larger […]