Graco PD44 Patented Meter, Mix and Dispense Valve

The Graco PD44 is specifically designed to dispense small amounts of water thin to paste viscosity materials from 0.005 cc’s to 5 cc’s. The metering rods are matched with machined seals for improved seal life.

  • Specifically designed to accurately dispense shots of two-component epoxies, urethanes, silicone and most reactive resin systems
  • Improved low viscosity spool design
  • Rod positive displacement metering
  • Precise mix ratio and shot repeatability
  • Eliminates cleaning and potential hardening of materials in the valve


Maximum Ambient Temperature


Maximum Operating Temperature


Maximum Outlet Fluid Working Pressure

2000 psi

Maximum Air Working Pressure

100 psi

Maximum Material Inlet Pressure

Metal Sleeves

1200 psi

Plastic Sleeves

400 psi

Supplied Air Requirements

1–3 cfm at 80–100 psi

Ratio Range (depending on metering rods selected)

1:1 to 25:1

Shot Size Range (depending on metering rods selected)

0.005 cc to 5.0 cc

Maximum Cycle Rate per minute (application dependent)

Micrometer PD44

60 cycles


60 cycles

Motor Driven PD44 (with standard Graco motor)

15 cycles

Dimensions (H x L x W), height to end of material inlet

Micrometer PD44

17.5 x 4.13 x 7.57 in


14.5 x 4.13 x 7.57 in

Motor Driven PD44 (with Graco motor)

17.5 x 4.13 x 7.57 in


4 – 14.75 in

Smallest Graco-supplied Feed System Assemblies

22.5 x 10 x 4 in

Largest Graco-supplied Feed System Assemblies

60 x 28 x 19 in


PD44 Metering Valve

14–15 lb

Valve stand only

8 lb

Feed Systems

4–175 lb

Sound Data, Sound data measured per standard ISO 11202 (1993) & ISO3746 (1995).

Sound Power Level

76.5 dBA

Maximum Sound Pressure

92.8 dB

Wetted Parts

PD44 Metering Valve

Hardened steel, 303/304, 404, UHMWPE, Tungsten, carbide, fluoroelastomer, EPDM, PTFE

Graco-supplied Feed System Hoses and Fittings

Mild steel, 303/304, PTFE, buna, polyethylene, polypropylene

Graco-supplied Tanks

Polyethylene, 303/304, mild steel