Graco PR70 Compact Benchtop Meter, Mix and Dispense System

The Graco PR70 fixed and variable ratio systems accurately meter, mix and dispense medium-to-low viscosity materials for potting, gasketing, gasketing, encapsulation and syringe filling. All the features you need, in a compact, modular design. PR70: Accurate two-component, fixed ratio dispensing Medium to low viscosity materials Exceptional performance with materials from 1:1 to 12:1 MD2 valve […]

Graco HFR Hydraulic Fied Ratio Meter Mix And Dispense System

Engineered for versatility, the Graco HFR Metering System packs advanced technologies and precision dispensing into one compact, affordable system. With its accuracy and repeatability, the Graco HFR lets you hit a specific ratio and volume – the first time, and every time. You reduce scrap and rework with accurate, on-ratio dispensing. The Graco HFR Metering […]

Graco PD44 Patented Meter, Mix and Dispense Valve

The Graco PD44 is specifically designed to dispense small amounts of water thin to paste viscosity materials from 0.005 cc’s to 5 cc’s. The metering rods are matched with machined seals for improved seal life. Specifically designed to accurately dispense shots of two-component epoxies, urethanes, silicone and most reactive resin systems Improved low viscosity spool […]

Graco 1:1 Extruder Supply, Metering And Dispense System For 19-Liter ( 5 gal )

Provides ratio accuracy, production efficiency and precise material handling The 1:1 Extruder is a fully contained proportioning and dispense system for two component materials used in concrete joint sealing, dowel bar anchoring and general product assembly. This heavy duty extruder provides ratio accuracy, production efficiency and precise material handling. The 1:1 Extruder pays for itself […]

Graco MD2 Dispense Valve

Accurately dispenses and mixes two-component sealants and adhesives Minimizes maintenance time and costs while maximizing dispense time Designed with fewer parts and is easy to clean Streamlines maintenance and service Complete modular design adapts to different installation needs No unique tools required