Graco 1:1 Extruder Supply, Metering And Dispense System For 19-Liter ( 5 gal )

Provides ratio accuracy, production efficiency and precise material handling

The 1:1 Extruder is a fully contained proportioning and dispense system for two component materials used in concrete joint sealing, dowel bar anchoring and general product assembly.

This heavy duty extruder provides ratio accuracy, production efficiency and precise material handling. The 1:1 Extruder pays for itself in material cost savings by using bulk containers instead of cartridges.

  • Repeatability: accurately load each anchoring hole as needed to anchor your dowel bars securely and consistently
  • Ratio accuracy: mixes material precisely, conforming to material manufacturer specs and eliminating the risk of off-ratio material
  • Production efficiency: mix material as you need it, minimizing material waste and disposal hassles associated with solvent flushing
  • Precise material handling: eliminates manual mixing and the risks of inadequate working time with quick-curing materials
  • Return-on-investment: Saves material costs, by using bulk containers instead of cartridges

1:1 Extruder

Mix Ratio by Volume


Pressure Ratio (fluid/air)


Volume Output per cycle

2.9 fl. oz.

Air Motor Diameter


Air Consumption

10 cfm

Air Inlet

1/2 npsm(f)

Fluid Outlets

1/2 or 3/8 npt(f)

Wetted Parts

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Zinc and Nickel Plating, PTFE, UHMW Polyethylene

Maximum Air Working Pressure

90 psi

Maximum Temperature


Maximum Fluid Working Pressure

2000 psi


500 lbs

Product Downloads


310726H – 1:1 Extruder, Operation