Binks Mach 1 SL

The MACH 1SL HVLP is a lightweight, top quality, high performance spray gun. The superbly balanced forged aluminum body is ergonomically designed with a compact grip size, offering the operator extra comfort and control. All of the spray gun’s components are machined and finished to exacting tolerances using only the highest quality materials, including long […]

Binks Mach 1A Automatic Gun

Incorporating some of the best features our award winning MACH 1 HVLP spray gun, the MACH 1A Automatic offers total control of atomizing air pressure, side port air, fluid flow, and spray patterns in production settings which require automatic equipment. These features give it an exceptionally high degree of atomizing capability with a wide range […]

Binks Trophy gun

Application Versatility: Sizes – Full Size and Touch Up Spray Technologies – HVLP, LVMP (Compliant), Conventional Fluid Nozzles and Needle set-ups – Tuff Tip Hardened Stainless Steel Nozzles, Tungsten Carbide, Plastic Tip Needles, and feathering needles Available in Pressure Feed, Gravity Feed, and Siphon Feed Ergonomic Design: Lightweight Curved handle for increased comfort Oversized knobs […]

Binks Trophy Automatic Gun

Binks Trophy Configurations for Application Versatility: Spray Technologies – HVLP, LVMP (Compliant), Conventional Fluid Nozzles and Needle set-ups – Tuff Tip Hardened Stainless Steel Nozzles, Tungsten Carbide, Plastic Tipped Needles, and Feathering Needles Engineering Features: Air caps are designed to produce uniform spray patterns and excellent transfer efficiency Large stainless steel fluid passages for compatibility […]

Binks SV100 HVLP Gun

Pressure feed, air pressure recommended is 10-14 CFM/20-27 PSI, includes 1.1mm & 1.4mm tips Name: SV100 HVLP Pressure Feed Part Number: 7041-6931-1 Gun Category: Spray Vantage Pro Series Gun Type: Manual Fluid Passages: Stainless Steel Fluid Inlets: 3/8″ NPS(M) Max. Pressure: 175psi/12bar (Max air pressure) Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPS(M) Weight: 1.2 lbs (507 g) Construction: […]

Binks M-1G

The Binks M1-G HVLP gravity feed spray gun not only complies with all air quality regulations, but also will atomize and spray as quickly as a conventional air spray gun. An innovative low volume air nozzle designed specifically for automotive OEM and industrial use allows the Binks M1-G to spray basecoats, clear coats, waterborne, and […]

DeVilbiss Compact Gun

Designed for superior finish performance, Built for ergonomic comfort, maximum efficiency, regulatory compliance and environmental responsibility. HVLP spray equipment is tested and approved worldwide. Name:  Compact HVLP (Blue) Pressure Feed Model:  COM-PSxxx-xx-xx (user selects,  3 Air Caps to choose from) Gun Category:  HVLP Gun Type:  Manual Fluid Passages: Stainless Steel Air Inlet: 1/4″ Universal Thread Fluid Inlet: 3/8″ Universal Thread Weight: 14.6 […]

DeVilbiss Compact Automatic Gun

The DeVilbiss Compact Automatic X spray gun is a highly sophisticated automatic gun that can be detached from its mounting block in a few seconds via the easy thumb release mechanism, for fast and easy maintenance and serviceability.  This special feature from DeVilbiss dramatically reduces production downtime. No tools required for detachment Recirculating & non-recirculating gun […]

Graco AirPro Gun

Whether you are a custom paint shop or a high volume manufacturing facility, the Graco AirPro HVLP air paint spray gun delivers exceptional paint spraying performance while addressing your environmental and operator concerns. This paint spray gun is the perfect solution for general metal, wood, automotive painting needs, or waterborne needs and is ideal for […]

Graco AirPro Automatic Gun

Graco’s automatic applicators are lightweight, compact and provide consistent spray patterns for a high quality finish. Models are available with a fluid control knob for precision fluid adjustment, as well as an indexing aircap that provides fast and accurate positioning in either a vertical or horizontal position.