Nordson Encore LT

The Nordson Encore LT manual powder coating system is designed for rugged, everyday use. Incorporating all the right features at an affordable price, the Encore LT system is durable, easy to use and service, and offers superior transfer efficiency and overall coating performance for producing the highest quality finished products.

The Encore LT manual powder spray system has the best weight / balance combination available, at less than 497g, and with an ergonomic design, the spray painter’s job is made easier, improving your powder coating process. The system incorporates a new manual powder spray gun and all digital controller that are easy to use and provide consistent, repeatable powder coating performance. Using Nordson’s patented Select Charge® technology, the Encore LT system also allows users to quickly select from a set of pre-programmed painting modes to assure maximum powder spray performance under a wide array of production conditions – including coating deep cavities, recoating and spraying metallic powder paints.

The proven performance of Encore LT means that we offer a 5 year multiplier warranty on each unit. Available as a mobile vibratory box feed system (pictured), fluidized hopper system or as a rail / wall mount unit, Encore LT will reduce your powder coating costs.

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