Conveyorized Oven

GFS is a leader in heat transfer technology. Our Continuous Process Ovens are designed to move products through the heat zone, as part of a finishing system. These modular, factory-built, convection type ovens operate at temperatures ranging from 100°F to 600°F, and can be heated with gas, fuel oil or electricity. Continuous Process Ovens can […]

Burn Off Ovens

Heat cleaning is a safe, efficient method for removing baked-on paint from racks, hooks and fixtures. A leader in heat transfer technology, GFS uses this heat cleaning technology in our Batch Burn-Off Ovens to safely remove paint. Air temperatures of 750°F to 900°F ignite the baked-on paint, turning it to ash. A Batch Burn-Off Oven […]


In today’s marketplace, resources are always limited, contracts are hard to come by and floor space is at a premium. That makes versatility a prime consideration when buying any equipment. We offer a wide selection of sizes and variety of Global Finishing Solutions batch process ovens, including natural gas, propane, or electric operation. All of […]

Nordson Excell 3000 Booth

The Excel 3000® Powder Spray Booth provides efficiency, ease-of-use and fast color change in one great system. With a compact, modular and durable design, the booth incorporates a shorter base for flexible location of both automatic and manual gun stations. Available in 8,000 CFM, 10,800 CFM, and 15,000 CFM versions Booth canopy is powder resistant […]

Nordson Horizon Booth

The Horizon® Powder Coating Booth provides efficient, flexible and clean coating operation in automatic and manual powder coating applications.  You’ll achieve high material utilization and fast color-change capability in a space-efficient, economical system. Horizon® powder coating booths use a unique “down-draft” design to provide efficient, flexible, clean operation in automatic and manual powder coating applications. […]

Global High Production Booth

Global Finishing Solutions’ High Production Powder Coating Booths are designed to increase your productivity, product quality, and profitability. Their modular designs are engineered for optimum airflow and maximum transfer efficiency and enable GFS to efficiently produce powder systems ideal for any powder coating operation, including batch and low/medium production applications as well as conveyorized powder […]

Nordson Econo Coat Booths

The compact Econo-Coat® powder spray booth and recovery system is perfect for batch powder coating small- to medium-sized parts. Available in two work envelopes Ideal for coating wheels and other automotive parts or test panels for new powder or color evaluation Incorporates proven cartridge-filter technology, eliminating expensive ductwork and explosion venting Safe, simple operation with […]

Nordson Prodigy Automatic Powder Gun

Powder coating redefined in an automatic gun with HDLV0 (high density, low velocity) technology for dense phase powder transport and precision dispensing. Nordson HDLV technology focuses on dense-phase powder transport and application of powder materials. Providing a softer spray at the gun tip, HDLV technology moves more powder with less air for reduced material consumption and even higher transfer efficiencies. The Prodigy HDLV […]