Nordson Cup Gun Kit

In its cup gun configuration, the Encore® manual gun achieves the unmatched transfer efficiency, part coverage and cured-finish results matching that of a production Encore system spraying from a more typical capacity hopper or vibratory box feeder.

The Encore cup gun kit’s optimum powder test capacity, along with its plug-and-play design, perfectly complement the Encore gun’s other production-proven features and performance benefits, allowing you to focus solely on the coating task. 

Encore manual guns feature:

  • On-Gun controls and display
  • 20 user-programmable electrostatic and pneumatic presets
  • Patented Select Charge® technology
  • One-hand powder flow adjustment or preset selection
  • Highest first-pass transfer efficiency
  • Through-the-handle purge cleaning

 The cup gun kit itself also features:

  • Encore inline pump
  • 14-ounce capacity cup
  • Easy clean-up for fast powder changeover
  • Optional cups with lids for powder storage for even faster changeover

Product Downloads

Encore Cup Gun Kit Data Sheet