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Heat cleaning is a safe, efficient method for removing baked-on paint from racks, hooks and fixtures. A leader in heat transfer technology, GFS uses this heat cleaning technology in our Batch Burn-Off Ovens to safely remove paint. Air temperatures of 750°F to 900°F ignite the baked-on paint, turning it to ash.

A Batch Burn-Off Oven can be used in conjunction with the Batch Burn-Off Washer for ash cleanup and containment. This technology limits labor costs, minimizes environmental impact and maximizes profit potential.

The following features are standard on GFS Batch Burn-Off Ovens:

Heavy-Duty, Insulated Panels

GFS manufactures our oven panels to ensure quality. Each oven panel is constructed of 20-gauge aluminized steel, with 4 inches of 6 lb mineral wool batt for heat retention.


Heavy-duty, insulated steel doors are furnished with cam lock door hardware, creating an airtight seal during the heating cycle. Door includes high temperature gaskets around door perimeter and at closures.

Explosion Relief

Hinged explosion relief panels in the roof of the oven allow adequate pressure relief by swinging open and then closing immediately by gravity.

Built-In Cart

A heavy-duty 4” structural steel cart is included with all batch burn-off ovens. The cart rolls outside the furnace on removable tracks, for ease of loading and unloading.


The afterburner eliminates hazardous contaminates in the paint, thermally destroying pollutants at temperatures ranging from 1400°F to 1900°F.

Temperature Range

Standard ovens operate at 750°F, with an excess temperature set point of 900°F. The minimum operating temperature is 300°F. The afterburner operates at a range of 1400°F to 1600°F, with an excess temperature set point of 1900°F.

Consistent Temperature

The Central Heat Distribution System ensures even temperatures throughout the oven chamber, and eliminates cold spots.

Safety & Controls

GFS’ Batch Burn-Off Ovens include state-of-the-art micro-based controls to control temperatures, water suppression and cycle time. These include a dual-element temperature-sensing probe, water pressure safety interlock switch, Y-strainer, automatic solenoid valve, high/low gas pressure switch, and manual bypass with push-to-test circuit area.

Control Panel

GFS Burn-Off Ovens come standard with a deluxe control panel with 15-amp circuit breaker, control relays, interlocks, timer, and terminal strips. The control panel is factory pre-wired prior to shipment.

Exhaust Stack

Each batch burn-off oven includes 8’ of high temperature exhaust stack. The stack can be mounted directly onto the discharge of the afterburner housing. A weather cap and roof penetration flange is also provides.

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