Graco Viscon Fluid Heater

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Graco’s Viscon heaters maintain optimal temperatures to provide consistent control of fluid viscosity. With a wide temperature operating range, Viscon heaters are excellent for any coating, sealant, adhesive or lubricant you need to pump.

Viscon HF High Flow Fluid Heaters
– Designed for high flow rates, with more power for faster material heating

Viscon HF Fluid Heaters for Explosive Atmospheres
– Developed to handle the highest viscosity coatings such as 100% solids epoxies coatings and epoxy fireproofing materials

Viscon HP High Output Fluid Heaters
– Offers high pressure (7250 psi/500 bar) for use with most pumps


Viscon HF High Flow Fluid Heater

  • Spiral passages provide three times the flow rate of standard Viscon heaters
  • Efficient and powerful for faster material heating – gets the job done faster
  • Available in manual thermostat or externally controlled versions
  • Excellent for high solids coatings and protective coatings materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 7250 psi (500 bar, 50 MPA)
  • Temperature operating range: 84 to 219°F (29 to 104°C)