AutoPlus Gun

Less maintenance and more system uptime Durable stainless steel construction, longer life needle and seat construction specifically designed to handle the toughest sealant and adhesive materials Lightweight and compact rounded gun design Capable of handling high production speeds Fewer parts means an overall lower cost of repair Wide range tip line for a variety of applications […]

Paint Mixing Rooms

Advanced Finishing Systems’ Paint Mix Rooms provide a controlled area to safely mix paints. Fabricated from 18-gauge unpainted galvanized sheet steel. Panels are pre-punched and companion flanged for easy nut and bolt on-site assembly. A convenient built-in 4″ deep containment base is designed into the system. Designed to comply with safety and fire codes set […]

Booth Coat ( White ) 5 Gal

BoothCoat peel-able coatings for paint spray booth walls. Non-flammable. Dries White. Name: Booth Coat (White) Part Number: 29-249 Type: Peelable Booth Coating Size: 5 gallons Quantity Pack: 5 Gallon Pails Shipping Weight: 55 lbs.

Booth Coat ( Clear ) 1 Gal

Spray Booth peelable coating for paint spray booth windows. Peelable, dries clear. Name: Booth Coat (Clear) Part Number: 29-248 Type: Peelable Booth Coating Size: 1 gallons Quantity Pack: 1 Gallon Pails Shipping Weight: 10 lbs.

Binks Flame-a-guard Fire Retardant Floor Paper

Binks Flame-a-Guard fire retardant floor paper helps keep you in compliance with OSHA while delivering increased plant efficiency and lower clean-up and shutdown costs. It provides quick, economical compliance with OSHA requirements. (OSHA REG. NO. 1910.107(b)(3) “Floors.”) Some features include: White color increases visibility 80-pound weight for durability Available in 300′ long 36″, 42″, 60″ […]

Intake Filter

Tight-Seal Intake filter panel. Wire grid reinforced, Two-ply panel. Tacky pressure sensitive adhesive, Green air leaving side. Name: Intake Filter Part Number: 29-486 Type: Spray Booth Filters Size: 20″ x 20″ x 1″ Quantity Pack: 20 per box

Paint Pocket Filter

Paint Pockets® is the best performing, single-stage overspray arrestor, bar none. Paint Pockets excels in arresting both liquid and powder coating overspray generated in industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications. Paint Pockets knocks down and retains more overspray than any arrestor. It keeps overspray out of your exhaust stack and off the booth floor. Paint Pockets […]

Paint Arrestor Paper Filter

The Binks honeycomb paint arrestor filter. 98.84%efficient User Friendly Compatability with most coatings Environmentally Friendly Name: Exhaust Paper Filter Part Number: 29-158, 29-159 Type: Spray Booth Filters Size: 20″x 25″ pads or 20″ x 20″ pads Quantity Pack: 70 per box Shipping Weight: 16 lbs or 13 lbs.

Industrial Open Face

Universal Open-Face Industrial Spray Booths by AFS feature a modular panel design. This approach offers the economy of a standardized line of spray booths while making available virtually unlimited sizes and configurations to fit a broad range of finishing processes. Custom paintbooth designs and optional white pre-coated panels are available. Fast-Pak Express Industrial Spray Booths […]