Nordson Encore Automatic Powder Gun

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The Encore® Automatic Powder Coating Spray Gun is lightweight and compact, providing 100 kV and the highest transfer efficiency available for venturi-based coating systems. 

With the Encore automatic powder spray gun and Select Charge® technology, you will achieve superior coating coverage and efficiency.  

  • Automatic Feedback Current control delivers higher, more consistent, transfer efficiency
  • Integral-power-supply is designed to deliver optimal voltage
  • Air-purge cleanable design for fast, easy cleaning, without gun disassembly, a requirement today for quick color change powder coating applications
  • Superior Faraday-cage penetration and recoating capability to accommodate a wide range of coating requirements
  • Specially engineered materials used in powder-contact parts minimize wear and impact fusion
  • Easy access powder pathway design makes routine cleaning and maintenance fast and uncomplicated.
  • Tube mount and bar mount configurations available for added versatility