Binks MX Packages

The MX Lite features the new Binks stainless steel MX412 pump. Provides users with a low cost, robust industrial spray system which applies a wide range of industrial coatings an an optimum finish qualit level. The magnetic detent design (patented) creates a quick stroke changeover with no pulse or surge.

  • Name:  MX412 Lite Bare Pump
  • Part Number:   MX412UC-OLT0000
  • Pump Family:   MX Series
  • Flow(GPM) @ 20 c/m:   13
  • Max. Output Pressure:  1392 psi
  • Ratio:   12:1
  • Wetted Materials:   Stainless Steel
  • Air In: 1/4″ or 3/8″ NPS (m)
  • Fluid In:  1/2″ NPS (m)
  • Fluid Out:  3/8″ NPS (m) BPS (m)
  • Repair Kits:  Seal Kit (UHMWPE U-Cup) (0115-01)