Model 50, 80, 150 Quality Air Breathing Systems

Our Model 50 Systems are designed to provide 50 SCFM of Grade “D” Breathable Air, from your existing compressed air supply. These complete systems are panel mounted and available in both stationary and portable versions. All Model 50 Systems are outfitted with a broad range monitor, four-stage filtration, and auto float drain. With warm up purge cycle time of only one minute; these systems are ready quickly. Built in warning lamps and audible horn alert users if hazardous gases exceed the preset OSHA limits.

Quality Air Breathing Systems all feature four-stage filtration; which provides more activated carbon, increased filtering capabilities and longer filter life. A state-of-the-art carbon monoxide monitor continuously samples the supplied breathing air to assure it meets current OSHA standards.

All Systems come standard with:

  • Low Maintenance Filters
  • Automatic moisture discharger
  • Carbon monoxide monitor
  • Self relieving regulator with gauge
  • Built in warning lamps and audible horn
  • Panel mounted, ready to plug in and use