Pro Xp Waterborne Electrostatic Spray Guns

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Ideal for spraying waterborne materials with isolation systems, the Pro Xp waterborne gun is available in air spray, air-assist models and a unique model for spraying mold release materials.

Pro Xp Air Spray: For low pressure spraying with an isolation system including the WB100.

Pro Xp Air-Assist: For high pressure spraying with an isolation system including the WB3000. Delivers a fine finish with an AEF or AEM tip.

Pro Xp MR: Low pressure spraying with a fine finish spray tip. Delivers fine atomized particles required for mold release applications. Connects to an isolation system, including the WB100 and sprays with an AEM or AEF spray tip.

  • Superior atomization for a high quality finish
  • Internal power supply allows for quick installation and easy service
  • Lightweight and compact design increases operator comfort
  • Smart display for increased operator feedback
  • Rugged design outlasts the competition
  • Easy installation – uses only air to generate electrostatic power