Premium Clear Grease Guns

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Clear Grease Guns allow for 100% positive grease-type identification, eliminating the risk of mixing incompatible or unspecified grease. Numerous models available.

System description:

Lincoln’s line of Clear Grease Guns allows for 100 percent positive grease-type identification enabling:

  • Positive grease type identification (bulk or cartridge)
  • Visual confirmation of quantity of grease remaining in tube (bulk)
  • Visual confirmation of air pockets eliminating the loss of prime (bulk)
  • Visual confirmation of grease separation or contamination (bulk)
  • Perfect concentricity and resilience eliminates bypass (bulk or cartridge)
  • Visual recognition of grease brand promotes quality of shop (cartridges)

Built to Last- strong clear tube and aircraft aluminum adapters

The high strength clear tube and aircraft aluminum adapters create one of the most durable tube assemblies in the industry. Traditional steel tubes are subject to damage in the workplace through drops and hits from other tools. The Lincoln clear tube design is impervious to this type of damage. Its resilient shell eliminates waste from grease bypass.

Military Proven

Lincoln’s clear tube design was developed successfully for military maintenance support. The clear tube is being used successfully in these harsh environments, and it provides the 100% grease identification they demand.

Clear Grease Gun Models

  • 1100CLR – Clear Tube
  • 1107CLT – Clear Tube-1134 only and many competitive models
  • 1134CLR – Gun, HD Grease Pistol with Clear Tube
  • 1142CLR – Gun, Lever with Clear Tube
  • 1148CLR – Gun, Lever Deluxe with Clear Tube
  • 1163CLR – Pneumatic Grease Gun with Clear Tube
  • 1240CLR – 12 Volt PowerLuber® with Clear Tube
  • 1440CLR – 14.4 Volt PowerLuber® with Clear Tube