Model 5834

7,500 psi (517 bar) maximum operating pressure Includes model 5845 coupler and model 62028 6 in. (152mm) extension tube. 1/8 in. NPT(m) connection

Rigid Extensions: Models 62028, 62061, 62117

6 in(152mm) length Tough, heavy-wall seamless steel tubing. 1/8 in. NPT(m) at each end Model Description   _  in. mm  62028 6 152 62061 12 305 62117 18 457

Quick-connect Grease Accessories: Model 5884

Contains model 5883 90° grease coupler plus a quick-connect locking sleeve for fast access to hard-to-reach lube points.

Quick-connect Grease Accessories: Model 5859 angle

90° angle solves problem of contacting so-called “inaccessible” grease fittings Design eliminates need to remove “deep dish” wheels for lubrication of the tie rod ends and ball joints Use to service cars, trucks, machines and farm equipment  

Quick-connect grease accessories: Model 5855 Recessed

Straight extension Use to lubricate recessed fittings where obstructions will not permit use of hydraulic coupler Includes extension and locking sleeve

Quick-connect grease accessories: Model 81980 locking sleeve

For adapting any 1/8 in. NPT(m) extension to a hydraulic coupler

Quick-connect grease accessories: Model 5849 360 degree

7,500 psi (517 bar) maximum operating pressure Includes model 5848 360° coupler for full swivel 2 in.(51mm) steel extension tube and locking sleeve

Needle Nozzles: Model 5803

Allows operator to contact flush type or hard-to-reach hydraulic type fittings 1/8 in. NPT(f) thread Model 5806 Same as model 5803 except 6 in. (152mm) length Model 82784 Same as model 5803 except with extension and locking sleeve

Impact Fitting Cleaner: Model 5805

Clears hardened grease from fittings/joints Includes steel drive cylinder, piston, safety shield, high-presssure hose and model 5852 coupler and carrying case

Grease Injection Tool: Model 5807

Provides a solution to noisy sealed bearings, joints, chassis pivot points, dry splines, etc. Provides a way to apply a long-lubricant into close-fitting areas Allows access into difficult-to-reach areas Includes a quick-connect coupler to limit grease by-pass Includes a threaded protective cap that removes and reattaches safely and easily Quickly attaches to all 3- and […]

Grease Adapter Kit: Model 58000

Heavy-duty lube accessory kit contains quick-connect versions of seven of Lincoln’s most popular lube accessories Use with all standard grease guns and dispensing devices Includes models:5849, 5855, 5859, 5884, 81795, 82784 and 83278 Comes with quick-connect locking sleeve

Packaged Grease Fittings: Metric Threads: Model 5184 Mini

An assortment of three of the most used 6mm sizes and configurations blister packed on one card. Model 5184 Description   Quantity in. 6 6mm straight 2 6mm 45° 2 6mm 90°

Packaged Grease Fittings: Metric Threads: Model 5185 Economy

30 Grease fittings in three of the most popular 6mm sizes, blister packed on one card. Model 5185 Description   Quantity in. 16 6mm straight 6 6mm 45° angle 8 6mm 90° angle

Packaged fittings – Metric threads: Model 5186 Deluxe

100 assorted grease fittings in the most popular metric sizes. Sturdy, easy to handle transparent dispenser box has labeled and illustrated compartments. Model 5186 Description   Quantity in. 40 6mm straight 20 6mm 45° angle 10 6mm 90° angle 5 8mm straight 5 8mm 45° angle 5 8mm 90° angle 5 10mm straight 5 10mm 45° […]

Boxed and Bulk Grease Fittings: US Thread Fittings: 1/8 in. NPT thread

Model  Model Description Size Bulk (each) 100 piece box    in. mm  5000 5000c Straight 22/32 16.7 5003 5003c Straight 1-1/4 31.8 5200 5200c 45° angle 7/8 22.2 5300 5300c 65° angle 29/32 23.1 5400 5400c 90° angle 27/32 21.4