Lincoln Industrial SSV / SSV L Solid Block Progressive Metering Devices

System description:

A special feature of the SSV and SSV L progressive metering devices is that the previous outlet must fully deliver its lubricant before the next outlet can. When a SSV outlet is closed with a closure plug, the next outlet below is automatically supplied with lubricant. The internal combining of outlets enables a variety of metering possibilities.

With the SSV L, external closing and combining of outlets via connector plates enables the merging of lubricant from two or three downstream outlets.

SSV and SSV L are piston-type metering devices that reliably divide the supplied lubricant into predetermined individual quantities. Together with the numerous variations of the Quicklub 203 pump they create the industry standard lubrication system. The progressive system is used for the lubrication of small to mid-sized machines and machine groups. The system is easy to visually or electrically monitor and can operate with NLGI 2 greases or minimum 40 mm2/s oils.

Lincoln progressive metering devices do not have fault-prone seals. As a result they can be used without problems at high back pressure and are suitable for a wide range of temperatures. The maximum operating pressure is 350 bar. SSV progressive metering devices are available from 6 to 22 outlets and SSV L from 6 to 14.