Graco GL-42 Oil Injectors

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Choose durable, long-lasting Graco injectors to perform your lubrication automatically

and minimize downtime and maintenance costs. Graco’s GL-42 oil injector systems are easy to design, fast to set up and allow you to add or subtract lube points without having to redesign your lubrication system.

  • Seven outlet fitting sizes available
  • Convenient front-mounted visual indicator pin
  • One-Piece, Machined Body provides exceptional durablity
  • Longer lasting seal design for trouble-free performance
  • Precision-honed components for reliable operation in challenging environments
  • Adjustable output volume from .001–.0003 cubic inches (0.02–0.05 cm3)
  • Operating pressures from 750-1000 psi (52-69 bar) for optimal performance with low viscosity lubricants (#10 weight minimum)
  • Offered both as a stand-alone injector and replacement injector for manifold systems, allowing you to custom fit the injectors to your applications