Graco GL-1 Grease Injectors

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Custom fit your system with Graco’s adjustable GL-1 series grease injectors. Designed to meet the needs of each lube point, these precision-honed systems provide years of reliable operation in the harshest operating environments.

Choose between the standard GL-1 or GL-1 HCP (High Corrosion Protection) models or for heavier duty applications that require higher output select between the GL-1 X or GL-1 XL.

  • The GL-1, GL-1 HCP, GL-1 X, and GL-1 XL injectors are offered both as a stand-alone and a replacement injector for manifold systems for easy customization to a variety of applications
  • Includes an adjustable hex head nut to make adjusting the output simple.
  • No vent holes and fully enclosed press fittings to prevent leaking lubricant
  • Convenient top-mounted cycle pin indicator for quick confirmation that the injector is functioning properly
  • Rugged, single piece uni-body design built for the harshest environments