Dispense Pak #1 Model 85801

For 5 gallon pail, single gun applications not exceeding 26 cu. in. (426 cc) per minute. Air Inlet Material Outlet Control Valve Inlet Control Valve Outlet  in. NPT(f)  in. NPT(f)  in. NPT(f)  in. NPT(f) 1/4 1/2 1/4 1/81   Extrusion Volume Per Linear Foot (Beads) Diameter Ft. per Gal.  in. mm cu. in. cc Gallons […]

Model 1725

Portable package designed for original five gallon pails. Portable pressure primer includes reversible steel cleats for securing both straight-sided and tapered pails. Follower with wiper blade cleans sides of pail as material is dispensed. Air assisted follower extraction. Model No. Pump Ratio Drum Size Max. Del. Max. Dischrg. Pressure Hose Descr. Standard Access.     […]

Model 252

For dispensing heavy greases, NLGI #3. Includes a screw prime follower. Note: Model includes 7 ft. of 1/4″ high pressure hose, 81387 universal swivel, and 740 control valve. Pressure switch is factory set to shut-off pump at 5,000 psi lubricant pressure and to start pump when pressure drops to 2,500 psi. Dimensions Output Power Requirement […]