3:1 Ratio • Corrosive fluids Series 20 Pumps/ 3:1 press. ratio

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Model 84145-9 stainless steel

For pumping synthetic hydraulic oil, antifreeze or corrosive products. Pump may be coupled to stand pipe, mounted with bracket and suction kit or pump tube extension may be added for bung mounting to bulk tank, 2.5-gallon a minute free delivery. Pump tube constructed of 316 stainless steel and features Teflon® packings, air inlet 1/4″ NPT(f), material outlet 1/2″ NPT(f) comes with air coupler and plug and 84147-9 product check assembly.


Model 84080-9 stainless steel

Recommended for use with antifreeze, solvents and windshield washer solution. 316 Series stainless steel construction and Teflon® packings assures long life. 3:1 ratio pump for transfer of corrosive or toxic fluids. Mounts on 55-galon bung opening drums. Delivers 2.5 gpm. Lasts longer than carbon steel models in corrosive service. Maximum air pressure 125 psi.