PileDriver III

Lincoln’s strive for high quality products can once again been seen with the PileDriver III.

System description:

Lincoln’s strive for high quality products can once again been seen with the PileDriver III. The Series III motor is fully pneumatic and its reverse stroke direction without mechanical linkages is simpler and more reliable that older designs. Also the PileDriver III pump offers a choice of inlets for thick material or higher flow rates.


Series III Air Motor Features and Benefits:

  • These fully pneumatic Air Motors reverse stroke direction without mechanical linkages and are simpler and more reliable than older designs
  • Air motors are 3-4-6-8-10 inches (76-101-152-203-254mm) diameter
    An air Signal Valve activates a Relay Valve at the end of each stroke
  • The shifting Relay Valve changes the Power Valve position
  • The Power Valve shifts air flow to the opposite side of the Power Piston to reverse stroke direction
  • Modular Construction: Air Motors are easy to install, maintain, and upgrade with options like AirBrake™
  • Built-in Muffler: Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements at recommended air pressures
  • AirBrake Options: Stops runaway pump, prevents product spills, damage and excess wear, and activates an optional remote alarm device. AirBrake available already installed (refer to pump specification charts) or can be ordered separately as Model 85317. For remote monitoring of AirBrake, order model 244398 signal kit.
  • Machined inlet casting: Set screws secure the inlet assembly and permit 360° outlet adjustment to facilitate system plumbing and provide for easy pump removal/replacement

PileDriver Series III Pump Tube Features and Benefits:

  • Cartridge type gland with scrapers and patented protection bushing: Extends the life of gland packings by protecting them from excessive material build up and pressure fluctuations. Cartridge removes easily for routine service
  • Straight through pump tube and piston port design: Reduces internal friction and the opportunity for solids entrapment
  • Load bearing, chrome-plated internal pump tube surface: Distributes forces between gland and pump tube to prolong seal life
  • Choice of inlets: Shovel type for thick material or flat check for higher flow rates