LD Series Electronic Meters

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Graco’s LD series meters are ideal for metered oil and dispense for lighter duty applications, including small maintenance shops, tire-muffler shops, fast-lubes, independent repair facilities and lower volume in-plant applications.

  • Designed for indoor use, with standard flow rates of 5 gpm (18.9 lpm)
  • Manual and preset meters with a number of optional accessories to choose from
  • Easy to read LCD display with durable switches for long life
  • Two-finger trigger; LDP5 models feature a latching trigger to reduce operator fatigue
  • Rugged meter body for superior impact resistance and long life
  • Ergonomically-designed handle for operator comfort


LDM5 and LBP5 Electronic Metered Dispense Valves

Flow Range (Tested in No. 10W motor oil. Flow rates vary with fluid pressure, temperature and viscosity)

01 to 5 gpm

Maximum Working Pressure

1000 psi


3 lb


1/2” npt, 1/2” BSPP, 1/2” BSPT


3/8” npt

Operating Temperature Range

32°F to 120°F

Storage Temperature Range

-30°F to 120°F

Battery (Battery required to meet safety approvals: Duracell® MN1604 or Eveready® EN22, 522)

9 volt alkaline

Wetted Parts

Stainless steel, nitrile rubber, zinc, CS, LCP

Fluid Compatibility

Lubricating oils, antifreeze mixtures

Pressure loss Accuracy

90 psi @ 5 gpm +/- 0.5% (At 2.5 gpm, at 70° F, with 10W motor oil and 1 gal dispensed. May require calibration; out-of-box accuracy is +/- 1.25%)

Units of Measurement

Pints, quarts, gallons, liters (factory set in quarts)

Maximum Totalizer Amount

99,999 units

Maximum Recorded Dispensed Volume

999.99 units

Maximum preset volume (LDP5 Meter only

99.99 units

Dimensions without extension/nozzle


11 in


3.25 in


3.25 in