Series IR Precision Regulator

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The IR precision regulator provides precise air regulation with high sensitivity and repeatability. These regulators incorporate a high flow relief port and can be mounted independently or as a component in a combination unit. IR precision regulators are available in manual or air piloted adjustment types. Units listed have a regulating range of 1.5-100 psi. Consult your SMC representative for units with other regulating ranges and air pilot adjustment.

Port Size Part No.
with Gauge
Part No.
with Gauge & Bracket
1/8″ NPT IR1020-N01G IR1020-N01BG
1/4″ NPT IR2020-N02G IR2020-N02BG
3/8″ NPT IR3020-N03G IR3020-N03BG
1/2″ NPT AC40-N04DE-Z AC40-N04DE-8Z
3/4″ NPT IR3020-N04G IR3020-N04BG

* Units listed come with round gauge