Series AW Filter/Regulator

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The AW filter/regulator offers the user space saving features by incorporating both a filter and regulator into one compact package. These units can be mounted independently or as a component in a combination unit. All units listed come with 5 micron filter element.

Port Size Polycarbonate Bowl Filter
Regulator with Gauge
Metal Bowl Filter
Regulator with Gauge
1/8″ NPT AW20-N01CE-CZ AW20-N01CE-2Z AF20P-060S
1/4″ NPT AW20-N02CE-CZ AW20-N02CE-2Z AF20P-060S
3/8″ NPT AW30-N03DE-Z AW30-N03DE-8Z AF30P-060S
3/4″ NPT AW60-N06DE-Z AW60-N06DE-8Z AF50P-060S
1″ NPT AW60-N10DE-Z AW60-N10DE-8Z AF60P-060S

* Units listed come with embedded gauge. Replace E with G for round gauge