Series AL Lubricator

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The Series AL Air Lubricator can be used independently or as an in line component in an FRL combination. It is designed to provide accurate lubrication of down stream equipment. The oil drop rate can be adjusted depending on the equipment requirements. In addition, the AL30-60 series can be refilled under pressure.

Port Size Lubricator with
Polycarbonate Bowl
with Metal Bowl
Bracket Number
1/8″ NPT AL20-N01-Z AL20-N01-2Z AF20P-050AS
1/4″ NPT AL20-N02-Z AL20-N02-2Z AF20P-050AS
3/8″ NPT AL30-N03-Z AL30-N03-8Z AF30P-050AS
1/2″ NPT AL40-N04-Z AL40-N04-8Z AF40P-050AS
3/4″ NPT AL50-N06-Z AL50-N06-8Z AF50P-050AS
1″ NPT AL60-N10-Z AL60-N10-8Z AF50P-050AS