Series AF Air Filter

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The AF air filters can be used independently as in-line or as a component in an FRL combination. It is designed to remove particulates and moisture from compressed air. All units listed come with 5 micron filter element.

Port Size Polycarbonate Bowl
with Auto Drain
Metal Bowl
with Auto Drain
Bracket Part Number
1/8″ NPT AF20-N01C-CZ AF20-N01C-2Z AF20P-060S AF20P-050AS
1/4″ NPT AF20-N02C-CZ AF20-N02C-2Z AF20P-060S AF20P-050AS
3/8″ NPT AF30-N03D-Z AF30-N03D-8Z AF30P-060S AF30P-050AS
1/2″ NPT AF40-N04D-Z AF40-N04D-8Z AF40P-060S AF40P-050AS
3/4″ NPT AF50-N06D-Z AF50-N06D-8Z AF50P-060S AF50P-050AS
1″ NPT AF60-N10D-Z AF60-N10D-8Z AF60P-060S AF50P-050AS