4-Bolt Fittings

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Hydraulic Flanges in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel offers a complete selection of hydraulic flanges for connecting pipe, hose and tube assemblies. These flanges features one-piece construction of forged carbon steel or stainless steel.

Types of 4-Bolt Fittings

W Series:

  • NPTF Thread
  • S.A.E. Straight Thread
  • Flat Socket Weld Pipe
  • Deep Socket Weld Pipe
  • Deep Socket Weld Tube
  • Flat Socket Weld Tube
  • Butt Weld Code 61
  • Butt Weld Code 62
  • Blanking
  • Socket Weld Elbow Pipe
  • Socket Weld Elbow Tube
  • Gauge Port Spacer Block
  • NPTF Thread Elbow
  • S.A.E. Straight Thread Elbow
  • Saddle Weld
  • Square Pattern Socket Weld
  • Square Pattern NPT Thread
  • Tee Junction Block

New Flange Products

  • Connector Blocks
  • Shipping Plates (0 PSI)
  • Male Thread

Ordering System

Anchor Fluid Power’s basic part numbering system is easy to use. The series number provides the greatest amount of information pertaining to the flange product. The port size and pad size simply refer to size only, with all sizes based on 1/16 of an inch.