Reducer Fittings

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One-Touch Reducer Fittings Selection:

  • PG – Reducer
  • PGJ – Plug-in Reducer
  • PIG – Reducer Tube Splicer
  • PKD – Male Reducer Triple Branch
  • PKG – Reducer Triple Branch Union
  • PKJ – Plug-in Reducer Triple Branch
  • PLGJ – Extended Plug-in Reducer Elbow
  • PLGJ45 – Plug-in Reducer 45 Elbow
  • PW – Reducer Y Fitting
  • PWJ – Plug-in Reducer
  • PXJ – Reducer Double Y Union

SPC One-Touch Fittings Features:

  • Functional one touch design facilitates an instant tubing connection elliptical sleeve configuration is ideal for pneumatic installations in a confined space.
  • Simple manual pressure on the elliptical sleeve results in an instant tubing disconnection.
  • Nickel-Plated metallic body provides resistance against corrosion and contamination over time. (optional)
  • Teflon-coated thread requires no additional sealing.
  • Various models are available in both inch and metric sizes.