Beta Adapter

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The BETA-ADAPTER allows a clamping junction to be inserted into virtually any hydraulic line. The exclusive square bodied junction adapter design can be used with metallic tubing or hydraulic hose ends. It provides a point of union for hydraulic runs which transition from one form of conveyance to another (i.e. hose to tubing). Once inserted into the customized Beta-Adapter clamp body, the junction point is securely clamped fighting the effects of vibration, insuring a leak-free system.

  • Beta-Adapter cushions can also be used with rubber inserts.
  • Z-Clamp split bushings from Group 1 can be utilized with the basic Beta-Adapter Group 4 cushion.
  • Z-Clamp bushings from Group 2 coincide with Group 5 Beta-Adapter assemblies.
  • The split bushings provide extra vibration absorption for delicate clamping surfaces.