Food Master-Flex® Clear Tubing (75-250) Braid

RECOMMENDED FOR: Transferring compressed liquid and air in food and beverage applications. Approved for use in USDA meat and poultry plants. Non-toxic, FDA formula approved for food processing. Also suitable for potable water transfer.

TEMPERATURE: -10°F to +130°F (-23°C to +55°C) continuous service.

CONSTRUCTION: Tube: Type G (PVC). Non-toxic. Clear.

Reinforcement: Synthetic reinforcement.

Cover: Type G (PVC). Non-toxic. Clear. Smooth.

Design Factor: 4:1

COUPLINGS: Stainless Steel Food Grade.

PACKAGING: All lengths coiled and wrapped in polyethylene.

BRANDING: “Made In Japan”

SPECIAL ORDER REQUIREMENTS: Special production runs require minimum order quantities of 1,000 feet per size. No deviations allowed to above product.


STANDARDS: Meets FDA requirements and USDA.