Black Gold® Potable Water (150-300)D

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RECOMMENDED FOR: Transfer of potable water, non-potable water or liquids not containing oils or chemicals from a supply ship to an offshore drilling rig or platform and for transfer applications on offshore or onshore drilling rigs or platforms; applications which require a lightweight, flexible hose with a tight bend radius and a high rated working pressure in long continuous lengths.

TEMPERATURE: -40°F to +150°F (-40°C to +66°C) continuous service.

CONSTRUCTION: Tube: Type D2 (Natural Rubber food Grade). White.

Reinforcement: Multiple plies of synthetic cord.

Cover: Type P (EPDM). Tan with green spiral stripe. Abrasion and weather resistant.

Design Factor: 4:1

COUPLINGS: 14, 15, 71 or 8. Reference the Hose Coupling Section.

PACKAGING: 200′ length coiled and wrapped in polyethylene.

BRANDING: Continuous transfer label. Example: “Gates® Black Gold® Potable Water (150-300)D Meets FDA Stds. 200 psi (1.38MPa) WP Made in U.S.A.”

SPECIAL ORDER REQUIREMENTS: Special production runs require minimum order quantities of 400 feet per size. If a special transfer label is required, contact Gates Corporation for minimum quantity.

REMNANT LENGTHS: Remnant lengths are sometimes available in popular sizes at a discount. Contact Gates Corporation for pricing, order requirements and availability.

STANDARDS: Tube meets FDA requirements.

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