Aeroquip 4S/6S Spiral Hose Fittings

Eaton’s 4S/6S spiral advantage

  • Higher operating performance
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Hose/fitting identification program

Eaton designs its hose and hose fittings so that when assembled together our customers have an engineered hose assembly system that will exceed the customer’s hydraulic system requirements providing longer hose assembly life which results in less equipment down-time. Eaton’s engineered hose assembly system approach is what differentiates Eaton from other suppliers in the marketplace, especially those suppliers that only design and
manufacture hose or those suppliers that only design and manufacture hose fittings, resulting in an assembly of mixed supplier components. The key to higher performance hydraulic hose assemblies is based on designing, manufacturing, assembling, and testing the components as a system. The new 4S/6S spiral hose fitting offering is a key component of the Eaton engineered hose assembly system.