Graco Bag Filters

The Graco Model 6 and Model 12 bag filters can process large volumes of industrial paints and other industrial fluids. Standard filter assembly includes housing, cover, cover o-ring and unlined stainless steel basket. Order filters bags separately. Ordering Information Part Model Filter Area Inlet/Outlet Fittings Max Delivery Material 915515 6 0.5 sq ft 1-1/4 npt(f) […]

CleanLine Filter

CleanLine 900 is specifically designed for use with Fire-Ball 300 5:1 or lower ratio pumps. CleanLine 1800 is designed for use with the Fire-Ball 425 10:1 or lower ratio pumps and is compatible with anti-freeze mixtures. Removes contamination that can cause excessive wear to precision components Filtration of contaminants increases fuel efficiency Filters particulate 2 […]

Fluid Filters

Filtering is your best defense against premature pump wear, gun wear, surface defects, reworks and tip plugging. Graco filters are designed for maximum flow and quick screen replacement. Most Graco metal filter elements are fabricated from stainless steel to resist corrosion, prevent screen rupture and increase operating life. Maximum delivery ranges from 6 to 30 […]

Gun Filters

Gun filters help reduce tip plugging and provide a better quality finish by eliminating large unwanted particles from the spray pattern. Prolongs the life of your spray tip Helps maintain consistent spray pattern Provides high quality finish

High Pressure Fluid Filters

All stainless steel construction with PTFE o-ring and polyethylene screen support. Resists corrosion from waterborne materials, catalyzed varnishes and other fluids not compatible with carbon steel or aluminum. Polyethylene support prevents screen collapse for maximum performance. Ordering Information 223160 Filter assembly, 60 mesh 238435 30 mesh filter, 3-pack 238436 30 mesh filter, 25-pack 238437 60 […]

In-Line Air Filters & Coalescers

Clean and dry air increases equipment life and product performance. Graco’s in-line filters and coalescers remove contaminants, so you get dry air for all your air-operated equipment. Stage One of two-stage system removes water and contaminants down to 5 microns Stage Two coalescer removes oil and submicron particles down to .01 micronsIn-line filter designed with […]

Low Pressure Air Control Systems

Clean and dry air increases equipment life and product performance. Graco’s low pressure air control systems remove contaminants down to 5 microns, so you get dry air all day, every day. Perfect point-of-use filters for air-operated equipment Easy to install in your existing compressed air system Systems with up to two air controls for multiple […]

Manifold Filters

Manifold filters are the second line of defense against troublesome particles entering your sprayer and help maintain a proper spraying pressure resulting in a better quality finish. Protects pump from harmful debris Prolongs the life of your sprayer Helps maintain consistent spraying pressure

Membrane Air Drying System

Get clean, dry air all day, every day! Graco’s multi-stage design removes dirt, water and oil particles down to .01 microns, for worry-free operation and upkeep. No refrigerants or desiccants to replace means a lower cost of ownership Maintains -40˚F (0˚C) dew point while achieving 0% compressed air humidity Easy to install in almost all […]

Paint Fluid Heaters

Circulation fluid heater kits maintain optimal temperatures to provide consistent control of fluid viscosity. With a temperature operating range of 84°F to 219°F (29-104°C), Viscon heaters are excellent for heating materials in paint circulation systems. Stainless steel design resists corrosion, and is compatible with most materials. Ordering Information Part Number Description 239850 120V fluid heater […]

Red Alert Filters

The unique red pop-up indicator reveals when fluid filter element requires replacement. Built-in bypass valving directs continuous flow through separate passage when filter clogs, preventing downtime. High Pressure, Medium Volume Red Alert Filters – 3000 psi (207 bar) Model 210090: 60 mesh (250 micron) element Model 210091: 100 mesh (149 micron) element Model 210092: 200 mesh (74 micron) […]