Graco Viscount 2-Ball Pump

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The rugged pump lower construction with Severe Duty rods and cylinders reduces downtime and extends the interval between repairs. The simple construction makes service and repair fast and easy. The efficient hydraulic power makes these pumps the ideal choice for factory and outdoor mobile use, even at below freezing temperatures. Models include Viscount I 1000 and 3000 and Viscount II 1000, 2000, 2600, 4500 and 5000.

  • Clean, quiet operation with no airborne contamination
  • Up to three times more energy efficient than comparable compressed air systems
  • Positive displacement, 2-ball piston design provides uniform and easily controlled delivery
  • Reduce routine maintenance and cut repairs time in half of comparable pump lowers
  • Eliminate downtime without ice build-up

Viscount I 1000 Pump

Maximum Fluid Outlet Pressure

1000 psi

Maximum Hydraulic Input Pressure

1000 psi

Maximum Hydraulic Fluid Volume

3 gpm

Fluid Delivery Rate at 60 cycles/min

3 gpm

Maximum Hydraulic Fluid Temperature


Cycles per Gallon (3.8 Liter)


Wetted Parts

303 & 304 stainless steel, nitrile rubber, polyethylene,


33 lb

Viscount I 3000 Pump

Maximum outlet pressure

3000 psi (21 MPa, 207 bar)

Fluid delivery rate

5/8 gpm at 2500 psi

Fluid outlet size

3/8 npt(f)

Fluid inlet size

3/4 npt(m)

Maximum recommended pump speed

40 cycles/min.

Hydraulic fluid consumption

6.5 ounces per cycle; or one gallon per 19.5 cycles

Hydraulic input pressure

1000 psi maximum

Hydraulic inlet

3/4–16 UNF–2A, 37 flare(m)

Hydraulic outlet size

7/8–14 UNF–2A, 37 flare(m)

Wetted parts

see manual 306981


37 lb

Loctite® is a registered trademark of the Loctite Corporation.

Viscount II Hydraulic Motor

Maximum hydraulic fluid input pressure: Models 217022, 217338, 235345.

1500 psi

Maximum hydraulic fluid input pressure: Model 262818

1800 psi

Maximum hydraulic fluid input pressure: Model 24W139

1900 psi

Maximum hydraulic fluid flow

12 gpm

Hydraulic fluid consumption

1 gal per 5 cycles

Effective piston area

4.9 sq in

Piston rod diameter

2.5 in

Stroke length

4.69 in

Thrust at 1500 psi (10 MPa, 103 bar)

7300 psi


approximately 96 lb

Loctite® is a registered trademark of the Loctite Corp.

Viscount II 4500 Pump

Maximum hydraulic input pressure

1500 psi

Maximum pump output pressure

4500 psi

Maximum recommended pump speed

50 cycles per minute – 3.3 gpm

Hydraulic fluid consumption

0.2 gal per cycle

Wetted parts

See manual 307728