Dispensit 1092 and 1093 Valves

The Dispensit Model 1092 & 1093 rod positive displacement valves with luer lock needles. High precision repeatable shot-to-shot (1092) and bead (1093) volumetric dispensing. For tube dispense or pinch tube dispense.

  • For low to high viscosity materials with various wetted component configurationsĀ for abrasive filled, or corrosive materials
  • 1092 is a pneumatically-controlled valve with micrometer adjustable dispense volumesĀ for accurate, repeatable shot dispensing
  • 1093 is a servo-driven valve for programmable, precise shot or bead dispensing
  • Pneumatic and electronic controls can be integrated for automated applications
  • Pnuematic drive with micrometer stroke adjustment (Model 1092). Servo motor drive (Model 1093)
  • Insensitive to changes in material viscosity-very thin to paste consistency.
  • Easily integrated with automated equipment.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of materials